This is the audience of people at an event I’m staffing called “Fearless Speaker Emergence
I’m here in Carlsbad, CA enjoying the sunshine, palm trees, and beautiful views of the ocean. This picture is a more accurate view of what I’m looking at 85% of the day.

I was in a group class on Tuesday where we were discussing how important it is to put yourself first. How long had we gone through life trying to be everything to everyone? We talked about how when you make yourself a priority, you will have more to give others.

But, every time this conversation comes up, I feel so torn. You see, I was taught my whole life that I need to give, give, give. Service is a staple of my religion. I am frequently and strongly encouraged to look outside myself to find those who need help and to give it to them.

This bleeds into the culture of where and with whom I was raised. I feel great pressure to create a great experience in life for everyone around me – sometimes to the extent that I put myself at a great inconvenience to do so.

When I put myself first, I can’t help but feel guilty and selfish. But when I don’t put myself first, I get overwhelmed and break down.

So what’s the balance? I made a video on my way over to the event this morning that shares my thoughts.



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