Valentine’s Day Collab || Winter Song Cover

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Winter was approaching. My friend, Kimberly Maycock, and I were planning to cover and release “Winter Song” in time for the first day of Winter 2016. Between lack of technology knowledge, hundreds of miles in distance, several winter colds, an appendectomy, and the flu, we were delayed 2 months. So, now that winter is almost over, I hope you’ll accept this fun cover song as a Happy Valentine’s gift from us to you. We certainly believe that love is alive and well. I hope you have found that to be true in your life as well.
Click the “Winter Song” image to download the song for free.

Meet Kim!

Kimberly Roderick Maycock is a Registered Nurse with a passion for the performing arts. Often called “The Singing Nurse”, Kimberly’s newest album, Streams of Mercy contains inspirational new songs and classic hymns to lift your spirit and help you recognize the mercies in your life.

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Kim’s Website

Kim and I met through our producer, Greg Mann (her album was recorded at Camba Studios, which is where my album, “Like A Kid Again”, was recorded). I’m so happy to know her! Even though it took much longer than we expected, I really enjoyed working on this project and finally being able to hear the finished product. A special thanks to Devin Davis for playing strings and Nick Whitesides for mixing this for us.

I hope you all have a great week celebrating all the love in your life.
Will you be my valentine?

The First Single!

I am SO pumped right now!

I just got another preview of the first single from the new album! I cannot wait for you to hear it! It is so incredible! (Wow! That was a lot of exclamation points!!!)

But, seriously. I don’t know if it’s just because it’s my first full band single, but I am feeling so confident that this album is going to be influential in so many lives. I hope the music and the messages speak to you.

For those who funded the campaign, you’ll be getting the single before anyone else. Thank you for supporting me!

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