Mindy’s New Album!

So, I have many, many musical inspirations. One of these is Mindy Gledhill. She writes her own music and records it independently. She still does so well and touches so many people with her music. Someday, I hope my music reaches out to help someone listening. I hope it’s exactly what they need to hear. I’ve teared up, and probably actually cried like a baby while listening to some songs on her album Anchor.

One of the songs that tugs at my heartstrings is called “Hourglass.” It talks about how fast time goes by, how kids grow up all too quickly, and how precious our time is with these sweet little ones.

I have been meaning to do a cover of this song for some time now. So, I’m pleased to announce that I finally sat down and filmed it.


Mindy is working on a new album right now in Nashville. (I’m trying not to be jealous! ;))
You can check out her blog here: http://mindygledhill.blogspot.com/
Don’t forget to pledge and be a part of the new album here: http://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/mindygledhill

I am excited to see what new musical poetry awaits us in this new album. I can’t wait!


Being a True Friend

Be a true friend

I’ve been thinking a lot about friendship and love lately. These topics make for great songs!

I think that being a true friend is loving someone enough to care about how you make him or her feel. It’s doing your best to make this person feel special and important. It’s going out of your way to help and serve him or her whenever possible, with no expectations attached.

Love is much the same. Someone I look up to once said, “True love is not so much a matter of romance as it is a matter of anxious concern for the well-being of one’s companion.” (Gordon B. Hinkley)

“Anxious concern for the well-being” of another person is also important of true friendships. I heard this quote today by Elder Richard G. Scott, “Be a true friend. This kind of enduring friendship is like asphalt that fills the potholes of life and makes the journey smoother and more pleasant.”

What more enjoyable way to travel through life than with good company.

As I’ve recently been writing and pondering what it is I truly want from life, I’ve found myself coming up with two main things: Good relationships and good experiences. I believe both can be found no matter your situation in life.

One last quote I’d like to reference is by John Cassis: “It’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice.”

Generally speaking, when you make it a priority to be kind to others, to serve others, and to be a true friend, you’ll become an important person in their lives anyway.



P.s. If you’d like to hear more inspiring words like these, listen in live to LDS General Conference, Sunday, April 7th @10am MST and 2pm MST. It streams online, or you can watch, listen to, or read the archives by clicking HERE. People of all different faiths can watch and listen and find something valuable. I hope you enjoy. :)

She Still Asks If She Can Sit On My Lap <3

So, I didn’t feel super productive today. I didn’t do ANY songwriting, I did bare minimum in cleaning house and cooking. I folded clothes, but didn’t put any of them away, so there’s a pile on the couch and in a basket on the floor. I didn’t attend any conference calls or webinars, although I had some on the schedule (thank heavens for recordings). I’ve been sick the last few days and I still don’t feel like I’m back at 100%.

However, one thing that I did do today, more than I do on any other day, was spend time with my kids. I lingered with them a little longer. I let them climb on me. I sat and watched their cartoons with them. I hugged them, tickled them, kissed them a little more than usual.

And you know what? I feel really happy. I laughed with my baby. I snuggled with my boy. I read books to my kids before bed. I let go of the guilt that I would normally have.


How many more years of giggles and little feet will I have? My son still gives me hugs and kisses before he gets on the bus. My daughter still asks if she can sit on my lap. My children still reach out for me, cry for me when they’re hurt, and come to me with their problems. They still need my help, and willingly (usually) ask for it.

My heart is full tonight as I think of how blessed I am to be the mother to such wonderful children. It can be a challenge, but days like today make it SO worth the frustration, pain, and tears. I think I’ll make more days like this.

And maybe I will write a song about it.





I’m working on a song about how you feel when you can’t seem to do anything right. You don’t want to disappoint the people you love.

Whether it’s a parent, a spouse, a friend, or even God, we all want to be enough.

But you know what I’ve learned? IMG_20121129_112816

You can impress anyone you want, but until you allow yourself to be impressed by your own actions, it won’t mean anything to you.

Can you see the things you do that are amazing? Or are you short-selling yourself?

You have to BELIEVE you are enough.

When you decide to stop bashing all of the imperfect things about yourself and start being impressed by all the good things you do, you will be much more HAPPY.

To be honest, the song I’m writing doesn’t have to say all of this. This is something I’m passionate about. I wish I could sit down with every girl who sits and calls herself mean things and STOP HER.

You are enough!

Your best is enough!

And the only one who needs to see and know that is you!

Then your perspective will start to shift. You’ll slowly be able to recognize the things you do every day that are AMAZING.

Please don’t give up on this. Keep searching for the good.