Best Wedding Gift Ever

You want to give the best wedding gift ever?

You have probably seen some impressive wedding gifts and keepsakes. Customized artwork, naming a star after the bride, engraved jewelry, and even ornaments made to look just like the wedding cake.

But there is one gift, that will stand out above the rest. It will completely blow them away. It is a gift that cannot get lost or destroyed. It is timeless. It is something so personal, that it is only for them, and all about them.

It’s a personalized love song. 

Looking back, I wish I would have had our first dance to a song that is only ours. A song specifically about us.
It’s a pretty special thing. And if you want to impress and surprise your bride or groom to be, this is the perfect gift.

Here’s how it works. You fill out a questionnaire answering questions about your love story. What do you want the song to say? What is the ever present theme in your life? How did you meet? What are your inside jokes? All the things that make you as a couple unique. Then, you’ll speak with the songwriter one on one. Talk about your life. Talk about your love. Give her a chance to see into your world and feel what it’s like. You can send pictures, quotes, or anything else that might help create the environment for the perfect custom song.

Then, the songwriter will work on the song and in a week or two, you will be able to hear an acoustic version of your song. From there it is recorded in a professional studio with amazingly talented musicians and producers.

Imagine your loved one opening the gift. A CD all professionally wrapped, but with your photos on the cover! Then see the tears well up in the eyes of everyone who listens to this personal love song. It’s so perfectly… YOUR LOVE. It’s something you will cherish always. It’s something your children, and your children’s children will listen to with fondness.

There is NOTHING quite like it.

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