Tech Class – Week Two

Welcome to week two!
This week you’ll be practicing your editing skills on a video (two minutes or less) that you create. I’ll show you how to:

  • Crop out the beginning and end of your video, as well as stuff you don’t like in the middle (I’ve included a free resource below with tips on things you can do when you record to specifically to make your editing easier.)
  • Fade from one clip to the next seamlessly, using transitions in your video
  • Add music or other audio clips into the background of your video
  • Place text over the top of your video

Here are your instructional videos and other resources:

Your Project

This week, your assignment is to edit your two-minute video. I want you to use cropping, transitions, text, and audio placement.
If you’re struggling with any of this, please reach out to me at: In the email I sent out this week, there is also a link where you can sign up for a strategy session with me so I can work through the things you’re struggling with. You can use that call at any point during the 5 weeks we’re working together.

Just take it one step at a time. 

Start with importing your project. Then move forward with each step one by one. You’ve got this!
Write down any questions you have as you’re completing your assignments so that I can answer them on our live call next Tuesday.